Small deed can have a huge impact

I don’t mention customers on here and I have so many of you that are more than just “a customer”, but I wanted to mention a couple that stopped in yesterday for the first time.

It was a little busy when they came and I gave them their order. Later as things slowed a bit, they were still sitting outside and I gave them a container to bring the leftovers home. We began to chat and they mentioned that The High Hopes Foundation holds a special place in their hearts (I had mentioned that I went through almost one hundred pounds of beans last weekend at the benefit). As it turns out, they had a beautiful daughter, who would have had her birthday yesterday, and High Hopes had sent her (and I believe the whole family) to Florida for a wish she had. Their llittle girl passed away at a young age of 18.

They really touched my heart, helping me realize how a small deed of volunteering time and donating a little, can make such a difference in someone’s life.


Charlotte Norton