It's all about the brisket! Take pitmaster Doug's brisket class.

The star in the BBQ world is the tender, moist, and flavorful brisket. As we say here at Ranger’s BBQ…“it’s all about the brisket”. Brisket is a challenging cut of meat which requires patience, and the knowledge of not under-cook or over- cook it. Take pitmaster Doug’s brisket class and learn how you too can smoke your own brisket.

Friday evening of July 19th we will trim and rub the briskets and cultivate the patience for cooking low and slow, and attaining perfect brisket each and every time. Learn about the particulars in temperature, charcoal, and how to place it in your smoker.

Come back Saturday to check on your brisket and how to check for doneness. Then take your brisket home for your own cookout, brag to your friends that you made this delicious meat.

This is an easy, low-key and fun class. We look forward to meeting you and sharing the joys of creating and smoking your own brisket.

This is a great father’s day gift!!!

Sign up today.

Charlotte Norton