Patience is a virtue

The key to BBQ food is “Patience”.  Savory, BBQ food can only be achieved by patience, time, spices, and just the right kind of sauces.  After many years of traveling as a Sales Rep, Doug decided that it was time to fulfill a life-long dream – provide savory BBQ food in New England. All the menu items have to pass Doug’s southern test.  The meat comes with a mixture of dry rubs.  It’s never served in sauce.  Doug wants to make sure his customers get the flavor of the different woods that he uses and just a hint of dry seasonings.  
Stop by and test it for yourself! Try our ribs and pulled pork with the amazing sauces. 

If you are interested in catering, please call us @603-204-1231.  A fun way of having a party...get a food truck onsite.  No dishes or clean up!